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The Silicon Race is On

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The Power of Nano-Silicon

Graphite is the weak link limiting lithium-ion battery performance; nano-silicon is the go-to, scalable, drop-in solution for global electric vehicle manufacturers.

Silicon Anodes vs. Graphite Anodes
3,600 mAh/g
charge capacity
Approximately 10x greater than graphite
graphic 372 mAh/g
charge capacity
5 minutes - for 80%
capacity charge
8x faster than graphite
~40 minutes - for
80% capacity charge

Conventional micro-silicon can swell and cause battery cells to rupture; with nano-silicon, these issues are mitigated.

Up to 100% of graphite can be replaced, leading to a battery with higher energy density and significantly faster charging.

Nano-Silicon Delivers:
Up to 10x

the capacity for lithium-based batteries, putting an end to electric vehicle range anxiety.

Up to 8x

the charging speed, so you can spend more time driving and less time charging.

Our Breakthrough Product: Ionisil™

Ionisil™ is the highest capacity nano-silicon available.

Designed for battery makers, Ionisil™ delivers considerable and unique advantages:

There is a significant unmet market need for nano-silicon to unleash longer-range, faster-charging electric vehicles and a cleaner energy future. Our product, Ionisil™, will deliver one of the largest supplies of technically superior nano-silicon anode powders for the next generation of advanced lithium-silicon batteries.


Ionisil™ unlocks higher energy density and faster charging for lithium-based batteries, meaning longer range and shorter charging times.

Drop-In Replacement

Ionisil™ is a drop-in replacement for graphite that requires no changes to existing battery production processes.

Tested & Proven

Ionic MT’s Ionisil™ technology has been independently validated by EV OEMs and cell manufacturers and has proven its performance in pilot initiatives.

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