IONIC - Nano-silicon Unearthed

The Next Generation of Electrification Unearthed

Electric vehicles are expected to reach 60% of new car sales globally by 2030, up from 9% in 2021

To achieve this transition, we need next generation battery materials that enable faster charging and longer range.

The battery industry has spoken; nano-silicon is the solution.

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Ionic Mineral Technologies

Ionic Mineral Technologies’ mission is to become the world’s leading producer of nano-silicon anode powders & critical mineral byproducts for the next generation of advanced lithium-ion batteries.

As the owner of the world’s largest natural reserves of high-purity halloysite, the ideal nano-silicon starter material, we have a critical advantage towards achieving our mission.

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As a drop-in solution for battery makers, Ionisil delivers unique and considerable advantages:



Ionisil is a nano-silicon made from halloysite, which comes out of the ground with a 100% naturally-occurring nanotube structure and silicon-oxide shell. Its production process is simple and scalable.



Ionisil contains zero toxic materials and emits zero toxic gas emissions in its production process. It is the only known 100% clean and safe nano-silicon.



Ionisil production leverages equipment that has been around for decades. Its creation process is established and reliable.



Ionisil is 100% sourced and made in America.

IONIC - Nano-silicon Unearthed
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