IONIC - Nano-silicon Unearthed

The Next Generation of Electrification Unearthed

Electric vehicles are expected to reach 60% of new car sales globally by 2030.

To achieve this transition, we need next-generation battery materials that enable faster charging and longer range.

The battery industry has spoken; nano-silicon is the solution.

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Ionic Mineral Technologies

Ionic Mineral Technologies’ mission is to push the boundaries of lithium-ion battery range, charging speed and performance with technologically superior nano-silicon. 

As the owner of the world’s largest natural reserves of high-purity halloysite, the ideal, naturally sourced nano-silicon starter material, we have a critical advantage in achieving our mission.

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As a drop-in solution for battery makers, Ionisil™ delivers unique and considerable advantages:


High Performance

Ionisil™ pure nano-silicon powder is the highest capacity nano-silicon available today while delivering ultra-fast charging.



Ionic MT has patented a first of its kind, continuous process to produce commercialization-ready nano-silicon. As the only vertically integrated nano-silicon supplier, no one comes close to matching our ability to scale.



From mine to market, the Ionisil™ process has the lowest environmental impact of all lithium-ion battery materials, enabling us to deliver to our customers a finished nano-silicon with the lowest CO2/ton emitted.



Our Ionisil™ nano-silicon is 100% mined and produced in Utah, U.S.A.