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Meet Halloysite

Halloysite is an aluminum silicate clay with a naturally occurring nanotubular structure. It is the ideal feedstock material from which to economically scale production of nano-silicon.

Our halloysite has the chemistry, shape, and nanoparticle size that others are attempting to produce synthetically:

Chemical formula:



Naturally occurring nanotube structure with silicon oxide shell that is ready to use, allowing us to work “top down”

Average length:

500 nanometers

Average diameter:

50 nanometers


25% pore volume

15 nanometers average pore size


Abundant; multi-million tons in reserve on our site that we’re capable of mining at rate of 30,000 metric tons per month

Mining Method:

Simple excavation from the earth’s surface using environmentally friendly methods without water or chemicals


Safe, non-toxic, natural earth mineral

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Synthesized by Nature

Halloysite Nanotube morphology Close up of Halloysite

The biggest challenge of producing nano-silicon at scale is controlling its morphology. With our feedstock this challenge has been solved in the ground by nature over a period of 35 million years. This is our key competitive advantage.

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Halloysite Hills

We control and operate the world’s largest deposit of high purity halloysite, located in Utah, U.S.A., with more than 2.4mm+ tons in reserves.

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The End Result

Ionisil™, our proprietary halloysite-derived nano-silicon product, delivers considerable, unique advantages to battery makers.

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