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The Silicon Race is On

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The Power of Nano-Silicon

Graphite is the weak link limiting lithium-ion battery performance; nano-silicon is the go-to, scalable, drop in solution for global electric vehicle manufacturers.

Silicon Anodes vs. Graphite Anodes
3,600 mAh/g
charge capacity
Approximately 10x greater than graphite
graphic 372 mAh/g
charge capacity
5 minutes - for 80%
capacity charge
8x faster than graphite
~40 minutes - for
80% capacity charge

Conventional micro-silicon can swell and cause battery cells to rupture; with nano-silicon, these issues are mitigated.

With nano-silicon, swelling is reduced and does not lead to rupturing. Up to 100% of graphite can be replaced, leading to a battery with higher energy density and significantly faster charging.

Nano-Silicon Delivers:
Up to 10x

the capacity for lithium-based batteries, putting an end to electric vehicle range anxiety.

Up to 8x

the charging speed, so you can spend more time driving and less time charging.

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Our Process

While others are producing nano-silicon synthetically from Silane gas feedstock through a complex process involving expensive, specialized equipment, we use a simple cost effective process to convert our natural mineral feedstock into an extremely powerful drop-in material that supercharges lithium-silicon batteries.

Our novel, top down synthesis process converts halloysite into a high-capacity, nano-structured silicon active material.

How it works:


Using conventional industrial equipment, alumina from halloysite is simply acid-etched away and filtered to create silicon feedstock from pure silicon oxide nanotubes. Precipitated alumina gel is also created as a critical mineral byproduct.


This feedstock is then put through our "top down" process, which converts the silicon oxide powder to silicon metal powder, maintaining its nano structure.

Using conventional industrial equipment, this process can be easily scaled up to tens of thousands of tons to address the unmet demand for nano-silicon.

Our Breakthrough Product: Ionisil™

Designed for battery makers, Ionisil™ delivers considerable and unique advantages:

There is a significant unmet market need for nano-silicon to unleash longer-range, faster-charging electric vehicles and a cleaner energy future. Our product, Ionisil, will deliver one of the largest supplies of nano-silicon anode powders for the next generation of advanced lithium-silicon batteries.


Ionisil™ unlocks higher energy density and faster charging for lithium-based batteries, meaning longer range and shorter charging times.


Ionisil™ is derived from halloysite, which comes out of the ground with a 100% naturally-occurring nanotube structure and silicon-oxide shell. This means it can be converted to nano-silicon with significantly less energy than most nano-silicon products and can easily be scaled to produce multiple thousands of tons per year using conventional industrial equipment.


Ionisil™ production is scaling quickly, with 2,000 tons of capacity commencing Q4 of 2023.


Ionisil™ is produced by an inherently clean and safe synthesis route, using non-toxic materials and emitting no gas emissions in its production process.


Ionisil™ is produced by mineral industry veterans and leverages simple, tried-and-true equipment. The team and process is established and reliable.

Tested & Proven

Third-parties, including the U.S. Department of Energy’s Argonne National Lab, have tested and validated the efficacy of Ionisil™ to improve battery performance.


Ionisil™ is 100% sourced from and made in America.

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